About Us

I fell in love with horses watching the Kentucky Derby with my Great Great Uncle in Washington, DC, when my family moved back to the states from Europe. My love of horses continued to grow until my fourth grade year when the Air Force stationed my father in Illinois. I lucked into meeting one of my dad's recruiters wives who had a beautiful Arabian mare.


She would loan me STACKS of Arabian Horse Worlds that I would carry 3-4 blocks and then lock myself in my room and poured over them page by page studying every photo every pedigree. This went on for several years until my father was stationed in South Texas.


This move enabled the hands on love of horses to take flight. I found a ranch that let me trade work for learning and I was hooked. This is where I found my Heart Horse. I saw him the first time at 6 months of age and I knew one day he would be mine. Five years later, he was. He was too smart for his own good, would do anything I asked of him and in turn put me in my place when necessary.


He lived to be 27, and although it's been over a decade there is not a day that goes by that he doesn't cross my mind. This company is dedicated to "The Black" and all the other heart horses. Make memories and share them for a lifetime.